traveling with nara and oni, part 2

we visited the academy of science in golden gate park.
my favorite was this, jelly fish tank, i love how strange they are:)

beau caught a butterfly in the rain forest dome.

inside of the rain forest

checked out super7  in little tokyo

we went to visit one of m favorite artist in sf, david chong lee at his studio space.
his studio was filled with finished and in progress paintings and collages from floor to ceiling

more work...

myself ad david

my other traveling companion oni.


traveling with nara and oni, part 1

last week i took a little time off to visit one of my favorite city, san francisco.

here are some pictures from the trip.

pantone coffee mug at park life store. i almost bought this...

giant robot sf

they had a drawing show, Pencil Pushers : The Art Of Graphite

deth p. sun's sketch:)

we found tessar lo in the book, beast 2

stopped by strangeco headquarter

pete flower's toy

james jarvis

my traveling companion, nara