it's been over a year since i started this blog and this post marks the number 100.
thanks everyone for all the support and love for my work:)

do you mind if i stay for a bit, 2009


analog color x yoskay

thanks to my friend jeremy lynch from analog color for making this awesome video of my upcoming solo show, "hello and goodbye."

Yoskay Yamamoto "Hello and Goodbye" Video Teaser from Modus Films on Vimeo.

thank you jeremy:)


sneak peak...

here is a little sneak peak for my solo exhibition, " hello and goodbye," which is happening on the 9th of may at lebasse projects in los angeles.

for this particular show "hello and goodbye" i focused on and created a series of work which is based on the cycle of connection/disconnection that i have experienced and shared with others.

i left my home town toba, Japan when i was 15 and this separation eventually helped me to connect to my family ona deeper level.
also being away from my culture and its tradition made realized how special and meaningful they were to me.

there are times when separation helps me to connect - to grow and understand myself better, and there are situations when attachments make me feel powerless and weak...
this balance and the conflict between connection and disconnection fascinates me.
over all i believe that we strive for connections that refine our abilityto understand ourselves better.

i know this isn't the final form of my work but it is in process and in progress for something greater.
so for now i will keep on moving forward.

after glow, mixed media on board


go colin!!!

my friend colin's band children of nova just put out their very first album " the complexity of light."
they are an awesome band based in san diego, please check their myspace for the samples.


future perfect

my friend tessar is having his very first solo exhibition this saturday at lebasse projects in culver city.
so if you are around this saturday please stop by and see the show:)

congrats tessar!