getting ready for baby tattooville

baby tattooville is only a couple days away.

i have been spending last few days finishing up stuff for the give away bag.

here is a little preview:

50 postcard size drawings

50 hand coloured gocco prints, 4 x 6

and some pins that i made from my old paper pallet.


work in progress....

sorry for the lack of update.

just wanted to remind you about the few exciting shows and events that i'm involved in the next two month.

first off the list is the baby tattooville next month.
if you are not familiar with this event please visit their site.
i just made a new set of gocco prints and i'm planing to do some small sketches to give away at the event.

i will make a post once i'm done with everything.

also in the same month of october, i'm participating in a group show at royal/t for their hello kitty tribute show "three apples" which is curated by my friend jamie form japnan la.
i just turned in my sculpture last week for the show.
my housemate nate frizzell is also taking a part in the show and it's gonna be an exciting and memorable night.

and for now i'm working for the ny group show in november.
for more detail about the show please visit lebasse projects website.

and here is a sneak peak of what's coming for ny.


this saturday at lebasse projects

my friend edwin ushiro and ryuichi ogino will be showcasing their newest work at lebasse projects on september 12th in culver city. i am a big fan of both of the artist and can't wait to see the works in person.

here is a little teaser for edwin's new work.

Edwin Ushiro Solo Show Teaser from Modus Films on Vimeo.

and some of ogino's work


gloomy bear x yoskay

i love how his head is tilted slightly:)