new vinyl figure updae.


i havea very exciting info about my second vinyl toy, 'screaming for the sunrise.'
patrick from munky king stop by the studio today to show me the prototype of my new figure, and it looks awesome:)
since this figure is a lot more complex than my first toy,koibito, it's been a quite long journey to get to this point.
now everything is coming together and i can't help but to be excited about my new baby. the box design is all done and if everything goes as we planed, new figure will be available at sdcc this summer.

i still can't show you the actual image of the toy but wanted give you guys a little sneak peak. i hope you folks are as excited as i am:)


inner sanctum x yoskay: pottery project


i hope everyone is enjoying the nice spring weather.

i have been working with good folks at inner sanctum to produce a series of flower/plant potteries for sometime. and i'm so excited about the project that i wanted to share with everyone. i always wanted to get into product design besides vinyl toy figures.
i do enjoy seeing my characters coming into 3d but i wanted to make something that is functional at same time, something that people get to use in their daily life.

all the details are still in the air and i will post more about the project as it reaches the final products.
in a meantime here are some concept sketches and prototypes:


maps + building from ground up:)


i was supposed to post this earlier in a week but got caught up with some family time.
my brother's family were in town and spend solid five days showing them around.

anyways my frined tessar lo and andrew hem are having show at show and tell gallery in toronto canada.
the opening happened already but if you are in toronto area please stop by and check out their amazing work.