" invisible college " at fort wayne museum of art


it's already been over a month since my last post...
really need to work on building a better habit of posting here more often.

anyhow, thanks to andrew and shawn of thinkspace gallery, i had a chance to be part of this exciting show,"invisible college" at fort wayne museum in indiana. it's strange to think that my art is far more well traveled compare to myself.... and hopefully i can start to catch up to it sometime soon...

here is my piece for the show,

"hello goodbye."
30x40", acrylic on pannel, 2015

i have been working on a lot of small sized pieces lately and it was nice to be working on a larger scale for a change.
my favorite part is the polka dot sunset. i have been incorporating a lot of skies into my art lately, especially the sunsets scenes. i really enjoying the color shift in the skies during the sun is setting and it's my favorite part of the day to be outside.
for this painting i originally painted a full sky scape, then i spent maybe two days staring at the painting contemplating if i should make a polka dot pattern out of it or not....
in my head it made sense to combine two of my visual favorite elements but took me awhile to summon the courage to do it...
in the end i'm really happy how the pattern turned out to be, i like how my eyes keep filling out the gap and connecting all the different colors. not too crazy about the girl and fish though... feels like i used too much of reference and not enough of my style...
also this piece was painted on top of an old work i had lying around. i paint over my old work sometimes and at the time it seemed necessary to do and it felt liberating in a strange way.
here is the piece underneath:

"breaking a girl" 30x40", mixed media on panel, 2011

hope two girls are getting along on a same space....

"invisible college"

july 11 - september 27, 2015>
fort wyne museum of art
311 e main street fort wayne, indiana
46802 www.fwmoa.org (260) 422-6467

click the link to see the full detailed of the show. http://thinkspacegallery.com