hunt and gather

thanx to tina ziegler!!!
hunt and gather is the new art book that i am part of.
this is still in the sample stage but so far it looks great.
the book includes works by 44 artists from around the world:
greg simkins, nathan ota, liz mcgrath, romanowski, deseo one,
and my good friend j.shea 9 and tanner goldbeck  and more.

i'm not sure about the release date....
also there will be some promotional events for the book in few cities....
i will post more about it as i find out.



well, i guess i wasn't done with this piece....
there were few minor changes that had to be fixed.
here is the result. i hoe you like the new version.

here's the flyer for the show:)



"home sick" 
mixed media 2006


color blind

here is a new piece for color blind show at project gallery.
"moyase: let it burn"
acrylic on paper


first album cover

nerf herder has a new album out and they chose one of my art work for their new album:)
this is my first record cover that i got to do, and i'm so glad it was for a band that i love.

for more info about their music please got to:


me favorite spots:)

i moved to down town la about a month ago, and it is becoming one of my favorite neighborhood in la:)
so i wanted to share some of my favorite joints that i enjoy.

one of them is "nijiya market" economic bento boxes and all the japanese goodies are sold here.

my friend tessar in front of nijiya square.

the next spot is  japanese izakaya called "haru-ulala" and it's located on the 2nd st.
good times are always accompanied with tasty food, cheap drinks and excellent service.

soju with oolong tea, and grilled beef tongue.

well that's the spots i go to get my japanese fix  and to collect nostalgic little joys.



i tend to over react...
making a big deal out of a little thing...

to pause and breathe...
i need to do that more often...

"under the crest moon"
mixed media 2006


a night at munky kingdom

good times at munky king.
the collab: nate frizzelle, tessar lo, peekaboo, and myself.
check out munky king's site for more pictures.

new print

arigato to my friends at a paper tiger for putting out the new print:)
ltd edition print 1/50
giclee print on sommerset elvet archival paper 12" x 14"

a starting point

nothing is too late...
so i'm starting my blog.

a picture of my brothers and i. (i'm in the middle)