hi folks,

i forgot to post some of the sideways we released this year....
the last color way is coming out this month through mmighty jaxx.

it should be available online soon.

also there are couple more colorways available through other stores.
here's the list:

this little pink one is available through my plastic heart in new york.


this one is available through cardboard spaceship.

available here

this has been a fun project. thank you to everyone at mighty jaxx for the opportunity!


yoskay x clickforart.com

hello friends,

i just wanted t update you with my latest collaboration with clickforart.com.
this is the second tea cup that i designed for them and i'm really happy how it came out.
it's perfect fopr the holiday gift:)

please follow the link to see the availability and info:

"etc. . ." edition of 250 made in england


" wish to meet you one day. . . " @ hong kong times square

hello folks,

i just wanted to share my latest and first public installation, " wish to meet you. . ." at hong kong times square.
first,i want to thank beau basse and lebasse projects for this amazing opportunity.
it was a little bit of a challenge since i wasn't able to travel and work at the site for this installation.
a lot of it was over the email and few things got mis-communicated.....

i learned a lot from it and i feel more confident with big project like this in the future.
in the end i'm pretty stoked with this projects.

Yoskay Yamamoto
‘hope to meet you one day. . .’
September 27 – October 31, 2013

Times Square Hong Kong
Open Piazza and 2/F Atrium
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

LeBasse Projects continues its exhibition series at Hong Kong Times Square with ‘hope to meet you one day. . . ’ a spectacular exhibition and installation from Yoskay Yamamoto. The exhibition features a series of Yamamoto’s sculptures in a range of scales and sizes – from 3 inch hand carved works all the way up to a pair of 30 foot tall sculptures that are designed to be interactive with Times Square HK’s nearly 150k daily visitors. Through this special exhibition, Yamamoto aims to create an installation to uplift people’s spirit through their experience with the installation.

The exhibition is set in two parts with a series of large scale ‘submerged’ series sculptures on view in Times Square’s outdoor courtyard. A set of 30ft tall sculptures are flanked by a planned series of another dozen smaller scaled sculptures ranging from 2-8ft. The central pair of sculptures is additionally designed to interact with the public. The interior of one sculpture contains a ‘wishing tree’ – Yamamoto’s concept based on the traditional Japanese temples and shrines – where visitors are able to leave wishes and prayers for themselves and loved ones. Here visitors are encouraged to leave their wishes on a multi-colored series of notes designed by Yamamoto as ‘leaves’ – and in the process will transform the interior tree over the course of the exhibit. While based in the traditional Japanese culture, the artist believes that contextualizing ones wishes or goals helps you to achieve them, and he wanted to give visitors this opportunity.

Surrounding the central two works are a continued series of ‘submerged’ heads in a range of scales and colors. This continues Yamamoto’s recent theme of playing with patterns, size and repetition – though at a more significant scale than anything in the artists past. Continuing the idea of interactivity these outdoor sculptures are intended to be touched and enjoyed by the general public.

While the outdoor works are intended to be interacted with, the exhibition continues into the atrium gallery where twenty five new ‘submerged’ hand-carved wood sculptures are arranged along one long pedestal, again playing with the themes of repetition and pattern. These works are enhanced by a series of six new paintings and several more large scale sculptures along with an artist designed floor pattern – covering the ground in both outdoor and gallery areas.

This is Yamamoto’s debut in creating large scale public installation, and via this exhibition, he hopes people can participate, interact and truly experience his work – because although Yamamoto has envisioned the sculptures, the public will play a huge role in finishing this installation.

For more information and inquiries about available works, please contact LeBasse Projects

Contact@lebasseprojects or (310)558-0200


forest for the trees

hi folks,

last month in august i had a chance to travel to portland oregon for a mural project "forest for the trees." thanks to gage hamilton and matt wagner from hellion gallery for making this amazing event. it was such an amazing time and was nice to catch up with old friends and make some new friends:)

here are some of the photos:

it was so nice to pait next my good friend joe shea:)

detail of the mural

detail of the mural

detail of the mural

detail of the mural

our finished mural!!!

me + shea = :)

our second mural, taka sudo, joe shea, ad me

taka + me


marcelo's mural:)

eric otto:)


got to live paint with some of the artist from the event, fun time:)

amazing time with amazing atists!!!!

drinking with new friends and old friends:) good times!



yoskay x mighty jaxx

hi folks,
i'm proud to announce this new project "sideways."
it was originally a sculpture that was part of my last solo exhibition, "joke's on me..."
thanks to jackson from mighty jaxx to making this happen.
now the little guy will be available for pre-order at mighty jaxx's website from 7pm pacific time.

i hope you can find a place for this little fella.

"sideways" edition of 200 85usd


magento mural project 2013

thanks to my fried john couch from magento for giving me a opportunity to work on a mural in their new office. here are some progress photos of the mural.