work in progress: natural look:)


lately i have been spending the most of my time painting.
so i took a little time off and spent a day carving this piece out.
wood is the newest material that i tried out and it is probably my favorite to work with.
the process is a lot more challenging than other material but i do love the natural look of the surface. there a lot more to do with this piece but so far i'm really happy how she turned out. it is difficult for me to control the expression of the face when i'm using wood as material. with this piece i feel like i was able to carved out the expression that i was searching for...

anyway here is a image


new vinyl figure updae: sdcc 2011


i hope everyone had a nice weekend. on sunday i had a chance to sit by the ocean an enjoy the sound of crashing waves and the cozy sunlight.

i have been very excited about my new figure "screaming for the sunrise" and just wanted to share the latest update.

this handsome new fella will be available at san diego comic-con this summer.
he is 6 inch tall and 200 of him will be available at munky king booth (#4539).
i will be there signing at mk's booth so please come by and say hello:)

here is the images of the new baby:)

loving the gold foil:)


a lesson from takimoto sensei

thanks to my girl friend emi.

i had a chance to attend wood carving (kikezuri) class few weeks ago.
the class was hosted by mr takimoto who is a master japanese woodcarver, he emphasized on letting wood speak for itself and it was interesting to keep my hands moving without really thinking the end result. it was a perfect way to spend a nice sunday afternoon.

here are some photos:

this is what we used to carved the wood.

master at work:)

our end result, emi's on the left and mine on the right.

here is my latest creation of a wooden brooch.