big apple:)

i just finished the last painting for the upcoming new york show 'go east' which is happening first week of the next month.
i have been working on and off for last few month and managed to get 4 paintings done.
one of the piece took me about a month to finish but i'm really happy how it turned out.

if you would like to be on the preview list, please contact beau or kim at lebasse projects.

here is some of the sneak peaks of the new works:

the days have turned

until we meet again...

lost or to be lost, 24 x 30, mixed media, 2009

stay tuned for more info:)


sanrio x yoskay..?

i have been excited about this show for a quite while now.
the show, three apples is curated by my friend jamie rivadeneira, the owner of japan la. and the show will take a place in one of my favorite place to visit in la, royal/t. if you are not familiar with royal/t, i highly recommend you to go if you are in la.

anyways here is my contribution for the show and info about the event:

hellooo kitty!!! mixed media, 2009

dear sanrio,

i'm very sorry to have your child icon like hello kitty posing naked with her dress off....
it's my japanese kinkiness that brought this end result...
please forgive me...


step by step...

it's hard to believe the holidays are only couple month away....
time never seems to lose its momentum and speed.

lately my work has been a little slower than usual.
i don't know what is throwing my rhythm off from painting but i'm learning to cope with the situation.

i have been sculpting a bit more and been sketching to keep me occupied.

here is the recent sketch that i just finished:

untitled sketch, 2009

and sculpture that i'm working:

these are old tetsuwan atomu(astro boy) heads that i'm yoskafying...

lost in the thicket:)

i'm so proud of my housemate nate and his new body of work for the upcoming solo show at lebasse projects this saturday.
in this solo exhibition lost in the thicket, nate introduces new themes of self discovery through out his work, his stylish masked figures wonders and search through the beautifully painted forest scene in order to search and choose their own paths.

so if yo are in los angeles please stop by and check out the show.

here is a little video preview of the show, lost in the thicket:

Nate Frizzell "Lost in The Thicket" Teaser from Modus Films on Vimeo.

Nate Frizzell
'Lost in the Thicket'
Saturday, October 17th, 7-10pm

For more info or preview, please contact the gallery at:
contact@lebasseprojects.com or 310.558.0200


rainy day tune:)

it rained today in la...
it's been a quite a while since the last time...
the atmosphere and scent of rain always reminds me of back home...
anyways i had a chance to enjoy some of my rainy day music today, and here is the some of them:

pangea by someone still loves you boris yeltsin

siting, waiting, wishing by jack johnson

mizuiro by UA


a visit to chinatown

last friday i rode my bike over to chinatown to check out a group show "pop of the colours", which my good friend jason redwood was part of.
i always liked chinatown at night, all the colorful illuminations lighting up the deserted courtyard and old buildings.

the group show was held in a gallery called povevolving gallery.

here is some of the images:

jason and his paining, wild fire:)

close up of his piece, wild fire

his another piece in the show, new pollution

i first met jason in 2004 at shorty's skateboard while i was doing an internship with them through the graphic design program at sbcc.
i feel lucky to have witnessed the changes, and progress of his work over the time.
if you wanna see more of jason's work please visit his site.



thanks for all of you that stop by at beyond eden:)

here is some pictures from our painting session:

my friend scott belcastro working hard on his piece

nate and me painting in a cold weather...

me and christie.


beyond eden:)

i'm happy to announce that i will be participating in the art fair, beyond eden this saturday.

there are 14 los angeles galleries involved with the fair, including lebasse projects.
also nate frizzell and myself will be painting our new work there from 6 - 10pm along with other 14 artists.

Saturday, October 10th:


2PM: SYMPOSIUM - Artist Talk (Details to be announced)

7-8PM: OPENING NIGHT KICK-OFF EVENT, benefiting the MOCA Contemporaries.
Special membership drive (sign up and receive a special 'gift bag')

7:30PM: SYMPOSIUM - A special address from Mark Steven Greenfield, the director of the LA Municipal Art Gallery

8PM: SPECIAL PRESENTATION - Presentation of a lifetime achievement award to Billy Shire in recognition of all he's done for the new contemporary
art movement.

Cash bar by 1933 Group and Bigfoot Lodge. Tunes from DJ Mr. NumberOnederful (Bitter:Sweet)

Admission is Free / Open to the Public

Sunday, October 11th


1PM: SYMPOSIUM- Artist Talk (Details to be announced)

2PM: SPECIAL EVENT - Film Screening at The Barnsdall Theater 'Scribble.08' - 48 minute art documentary film featuring Clayton Brothers, Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Camille Rose Garcia, and Kevin Christy from Murphy Fine Art Films

Admission is Free / Open to the Public

check out the site for more info.


baby tattooville 2009 recap

thank you very much to bob self and baby tattoo stuffs.
i had a chance to spend the weekend in a amazing hotel, mission inn.
what an incredible weekend!!!
not only i got to hang out with amazing artists but i also got to party with them:)
i spend each morning with a bit of hangover but it was all worth it.

special thanks to all the attending artist and friends.
also thank you, michael for letting us party in your awesome room.
i had a fantastic time.

now here are some of the pictures and links of the amazing event:






my room before all the mess....

my piece, "moments have you" for the BT.

i got to do these sketches with all the other artists:)
here is the one audrey kawasaki and i did:)

greg simkin x yoskay

my big brother travis louie and me

mission inn is amazing:)

and let the party start!!!


getting a little blurry here....

and a bit more....

travis looking out for me to make sure i'm not causing any trouble.
thank you big brother!

tara and my roomie nate

sweet miss mindy and i

more kisses:)

i got blessed with michael hussar's tattoos:)

baseman with my hat and glasses

love you dude!