lost in the thicket:)

i'm so proud of my housemate nate and his new body of work for the upcoming solo show at lebasse projects this saturday.
in this solo exhibition lost in the thicket, nate introduces new themes of self discovery through out his work, his stylish masked figures wonders and search through the beautifully painted forest scene in order to search and choose their own paths.

so if yo are in los angeles please stop by and check out the show.

here is a little video preview of the show, lost in the thicket:

Nate Frizzell "Lost in The Thicket" Teaser from Modus Films on Vimeo.

Nate Frizzell
'Lost in the Thicket'
Saturday, October 17th, 7-10pm

For more info or preview, please contact the gallery at:
contact@lebasseprojects.com or 310.558.0200

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