me + mr nara






i want to thank all the people who came by last night to the koibito release party.
also thanks to everyone at munky king for all the support and care.

and those who couldn't make it to the event this time i hope you will be there for the next release.
over all it was a great success.

please check the links for the photos of the event:



the secret revealed......

so last weekend at the vtn (vinyl toy network), the secret color way of my toy koibito was revealed at munky king's booth.....

here is the image:

munky king exclusive color way, edition of 150


under the stars...

took me all day to finish framing these...
but i'm happy with the result.

"under the stars," edition of 25, gocco prints with hand painted background, 2008

also the secret color way/ munky king exclusive will be revealed at vinyl toynet work in pasadena:)



i'm working on a new series of gocco prints.
these will be available at koibito release party at munky king.

they are edition of 25.
they come with either gold ink or silver ink.
i hand painted and stencil the background so everyone is a little different from each other.

here are some process pictures:


count down begins:)

the time has been passing by me so rapidly lately.....
i can't believe we are at the last month of 2008....

but the good news is my toy koibito is finally coming out on 11th of this month!!!
i hope all of you are as excited as i am:)
and to make this occasion little bit more special i'm ruffling away an original painting.
i haven't confirmed all the detail about with munky king, but you will have a chance to win this original koibito painting if you attend the event on the 11th.
also we are going to make a mini print out of the same image.

so here is the painting for the ruffle:

" kata-omoi: unrequited love", 24 x24, acrylic on paper, 2008