i want to thank all the people who came by last night to the koibito release party.
also thanks to everyone at munky king for all the support and care.

and those who couldn't make it to the event this time i hope you will be there for the next release.
over all it was a great success.

please check the links for the photos of the event:



rontek3000 said...

congrats yoskay!

it was a fun show and it was great seeing your work in person.

Dustmagnet said...

I would have loved to have been there.
I feel as if I really missed out, hopefully I'll catch you at your London show.

Anonymous said...

hola yoskay, any chance you can make some of your limited runs/prints available to your online community of fans? we know that LA seems to be the be all place for everything, but it would be great for artist to share the love w/ other parts of the state (and other places). thanks.