count down begins:)

the time has been passing by me so rapidly lately.....
i can't believe we are at the last month of 2008....

but the good news is my toy koibito is finally coming out on 11th of this month!!!
i hope all of you are as excited as i am:)
and to make this occasion little bit more special i'm ruffling away an original painting.
i haven't confirmed all the detail about with munky king, but you will have a chance to win this original koibito painting if you attend the event on the 11th.
also we are going to make a mini print out of the same image.

so here is the painting for the ruffle:

" kata-omoi: unrequited love", 24 x24, acrylic on paper, 2008


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Yoskay, and very generous of you to raffle this off to a lucky fan! - Kimberley

fawn said...

i'm up in the bay area so i can't attend, but i've already recruited a friend to go fetch me my beloved goldheaded koibito~ i have the SDCC08 one but i also adore the boldness of the gold against the black so i must bring him home a friend!

i'm so sad to not be able to see what the special colourway would be in person!

the new piece is so lovely, i hope it would be available to out of towners~

rontek3000 said...

This is a beautiful piece, Yoskay! I will see you at Munky King. It is coming so fast, I am excited.