culver city art walk 2009

thanks to all the people who made it to the koibito release on wednesday.
it was nice to be able to chat with you all.

here is a new piece for the art walk that is taking a place tomorrow in culver city.

" when it rains it pours" mixed media on wood, 24 x 36

please stop by at my favorite gallery lebasse projects to see all the awesome works from the other artists, including edwin ushiro, tessar lo, nate frizzelle and more.


1 more day!!!

i'm sorry for the lack of the updates about the new release....

just one more day until the new koibito to drop: the exclusive edition from lebasse projects.

the new colour way will be released at lebasse projects in culver city.
there will be some goodies that you can pick up at the event, including the new prints (screaming for the sunrise) and postcard set from the solo show " hello and goodbye", the very first lebasse project exhibition catalog, and the brand new koibito.

i will be there from 7-10 pm for signing.

i hope you can make it to the event.

here are few of the sketches that will be in a postcard set as a little surprise:)

more to come....


koibito updates: lebasse projects colour way

the new color way of my toy, " koibito " is coming out on the 27th of this month.
we are having a little release party at lebbase projects in culver city.
a new set of prints, the catalog of my solo sow "hello and goodbye,"will be available for you to pick up.

i hope you can make it.


thanks justin:)

thanks to my friend justin for making this short film of my solo show " hello and goodbye."
he was going around the gallery all night to get enough materials and interviewing people.
i really appreciate your hard work.
thanks buddy:)

Yoskay Yamamoto "Hello and Goodbye" from Justin Bretter on Vimeo.

also here are couple links of photos from the opening night.



thank you:)

i just want to thank everyone that made to the show last night.
i had an awesome time and i hope you all did too.

thanks for all the presents, and thoughtful gifts, i feel very lucky to have such a kind and supportive fans :)
i'm very happy that i got to share the wonderful night with you all.


setting up:)

2 more days :)


hello and goodbye updates.

some of my friends are kind enough to help me promote my up-coming show "hello and goodbye."
i feel very lucky to have such a positive support.

here are some links to follow up:

creative process posted by arrested motion

information of the new series of prints provided by daily dujour

thanks guys.


a visit from daily dujour

my friend jack from daily dujour came by to visit my studio last week.
i was working on the last piece for my upcoming solo exhibition "hello and goodbye."
i originally thought the piece was 8ft wide but i found out it was 9ft when i took it to the framer....

anyways there are some photos of my studio and some photo of the giant piece...
i hope you all can make it on the 9th of may to see the finish product....