sleepy emily:)


here is a little stop motion clip of a sculpture that i have been working on for quite sometime. i wish i had this project filmed in one session....
it keeps shifting through out the clip....

but i guess it's the best i can do to provide progress of my hand carving sculpture to you.
i hope you all enjoy:)

sleeping emily, hand carved basswood, 2011


getting close


here are some close up of new work that i have been working on for my solo show.
this marks my 4th solo exhibition and it will be held at lebasse projects in los angeles next month.
more detail to come as the date reaches closer.




i know it's bit late but thank you for everyone who came to visit me at munky king's booth during san diego comic-con. as always i was so overwhelmed by the crowd of people and constant loud noise....
but it was a nice to get away and to catch up with some of my old friends.

i also wanted to mention that there are few of "screaming for the sunrise" left and they are available at munky king's website.