getting close


here are some close up of new work that i have been working on for my solo show.
this marks my 4th solo exhibition and it will be held at lebasse projects in los angeles next month.
more detail to come as the date reaches closer.


Kelly said...

Beautiful! The detail in that last close-up is incredible.

MARILLA said...


janet said...

It's so interesting how your work has evolved. There's a lot more tension and aggression than the 'koibito' days.
Have a great show !

arekkusuro said...

i already love what i'm seeing! can't wait to see more. GOOD LUCK and CONGRATLATIONS, Yoskay! : )))

Nathan said...

Hey Yoskay,

J.Shea9 just sent me word about your upcoming show. I'd love to publicize it on the Santa Barbara Art Blog for all us old Haley Collective fans. Send info to: nathan@sbartsblog.com