branded arts block party

hello, branded art is organizing a block party to commemorate all the murals in their complex and i'm participating in their group show. here is my piece for the show.

carry me away, 22 x 30, mixed media on paper
if you are interested in the piece please emamil me.

have a nice day!


20 pieces of dreams @ giant robot


the past week i had an opportunity to be part of a very heart warming show at giant robot in los angeles.
"20 pieces of dreams" is a show that is curated by my very good friend mari inukai to celebrate her daughter, sena's 20th birthday. the show was filled with amazing works by mari and her friends. i visit to a a lot of shows in los angeles and this was one of my favorite show of this year. i just remember driving home in a such a good mood after the show.

anyways here is my piece for the show and the show:

little people, mixed media sculpture, 2012