collecting the stars

it's been nice to have time to read....
sitting down, absorbed into the stories.... i really enjoy it.

after going through few books, i had an urge  to paint a scenery or a place....
i struggle to get the mood i wanted to capture but i'm happy with the result.

"collecting the stars" 
mixed media on wood, 18 x 36

in detail 

this is for hi-fructose group show.
you can find more about it here.


back in the bay!

i just shipped out two new works to 1988 gallery in SF for their new group show, "everyone in together." 
i used to live in sf when i attended city college few years ago.....
living in mission district, going to school full time and having few part time jobs.... but i still manage to paint enough to have few shows in coffee shops around the city.....  
i'm very happy to have my work return to the bay....  
i hope someone will recognize my work from the past and see my growth....

well anyway here are the new works....

"brighter discontent"  acrylic on wood,  12 x 24

"amidst the edge"   acrylic on wood, 24 x 24


Ode to Edo / Legacy of The Samurai

i just finished a new piece for a group show in toronto. it's my very first international show.
it feels bit strange to have my work traveling to a country and city that i have never been to....
but after all i feel very lucky to be in the show.

here is my contribution:

"last breath" mixed media on paper


new print:)

arigato to my friends at a paper tiger!
they have put out a new set of prints for me.

here is the image of the piece:

"hope and despair"
edition of 25

this piece was about the personal moment that i face often.

when the sun is about to set, i find myself drifting off...
somewhere between today and tomorrow.....
hopes and despairs looking at the opposite ends...
the self struggle of optimistic pessimist.

for purchasing please contact a paper tiger: