new print:)

arigato to my friends at a paper tiger!
they have put out a new set of prints for me.

here is the image of the piece:

"hope and despair"
edition of 25

this piece was about the personal moment that i face often.

when the sun is about to set, i find myself drifting off...
somewhere between today and tomorrow.....
hopes and despairs looking at the opposite ends...
the self struggle of optimistic pessimist.

for purchasing please contact a paper tiger:


Yuta said...

would you give me the print?yoko chan?hmm??

Anonymous said...

More fantastic work Yoskay !
Enjoying your prints over here in Wales UK.
Hope to see your paintings in the flesh in the future. -Rob Young

Anonymous said...

Ahh June 1st... The day I bought my first print of yours and because a fan of your work :)

Anonymous said...

^ Became not Because