forest for the trees

hi folks,

last month in august i had a chance to travel to portland oregon for a mural project "forest for the trees." thanks to gage hamilton and matt wagner from hellion gallery for making this amazing event. it was such an amazing time and was nice to catch up with old friends and make some new friends:)

here are some of the photos:

it was so nice to pait next my good friend joe shea:)

detail of the mural

detail of the mural

detail of the mural

detail of the mural

our finished mural!!!

me + shea = :)

our second mural, taka sudo, joe shea, ad me

taka + me


marcelo's mural:)

eric otto:)


got to live paint with some of the artist from the event, fun time:)

amazing time with amazing atists!!!!

drinking with new friends and old friends:) good times!