i wanna thank all the people who picked up the prints.
they are all sold and w were able to raise $1200.00 to donate to red cross!
thank you for your kind help and caring support.

and i'm sorry for those who missed out on the prints.


every bit counts 3.


after the disaster cause by the earthquake and tsunami, i have seen a lot of people being very caring, giving and supportive to aid japan, and it gives me hope.

i made a new set of prints with hope to raise funds to help out the people who are affected by this harsh situation in japan.

taiyo: the sun, 6.5 x 6.5, edition of 50, gocco print with spray paint.
(they are all hand printed so every print is slightly different.)
$20 plus shipping and handling, SOLD OUT

100% of proceeds will go to redcross to help japan.

also here is one of the koekshi dolls that i was making for q-pop's fundraiser but i couln't manage to finishi it on time, but now it's all done and available for you pick up.


kokeshi:chub, 6inchi, mixed media and wood,
$125 plus shiiping and handling, 
sold out:)
100% of proceeds will go to redcross to help japan.

more kokeshi coming soon:)


every bit counts 2.


first i would like to say thank you to people who picked up ap prints from q-pop in littel tokyo.
we sold all the prints and raised $850 for the red cross to help out the recovery of japan. thank you.

giant robot and japan la are also taking their part in this difficult time.
and i'm glad to be able to contribute my work in both shows.

here are the two sculpture that i made for giant robot show:

asa-tsuyu (morning dew), acrylic on resin sculpture,

yo-tsuyu (night dew) acrylic on resin sculpture

water works at GR2
a benefit for unicef and child victims of the earthquake in Japan

opening reception:
saturday, march 19, 6:30 - 10:00 p.m

2062 sawtelle blvd.
los angeles, ca 90025
(310) 445 - 9276

also i turned in two old work at japan la:

maybe tomorrow, 15 x 22, acrylic on paper, 2010

onemu, 4" and 8", hand-carved wooden sculpture, 2010

pray for japan

opening reception:
saturday, march 19, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

7320 1/2 melrose ave.
los angeles, ca 90046
(323) 934 - 5201


every bit counts.


i just drop off some of my old ap prints at q-pop in little tokyo for their fundraiser show to help out people in japan.
i have been following the news and each day there is a new incident making the situation more difficult and critical for people.
here are the images of the prints that i drop off.
all of them have been sold out before and it's hard to find them at the original price.

'raijin/thor' ap print, 14 x 12, $125
it was originally created for stan lee tribute show.

' screaming for the sunrise' ap print, 12 x 17, $ 150
from my second solo show 'hello and goodbye', 2009

'lost or to be lost' ap print, 12 x 15, $125

'empty howl' ap print, 10 x 8, $100

do you mind if i stay for a while? 10 x 8, $ 100

if you are interested in purchasing them please contact q-pop:


thank you




first i want to send my prayers to back home in japan, wishing people's safety and their recovery.
and on a second note i would like to thank all the people who contacted me to check upon my family's well being. your kindness really touched my heart.



mailbag art museum project


i had a chance to participate in a little project that's run by an illustrator sarah mui. mailbag art museum is simply an exchange of drawings with sarah and the artists. i first became familiar with this project on audrey kawasaki's blog and i thought it was pretty neat thing.

to see visit sarah's ongoing project please visit her blog.

here is the drawing i did and the drawing she gave me.


i hope this will reach you eventually. . .


i hope all of you had a nice weekend.
here is an image of a study i did recently.

'i hope this will reach you eventually. . .' 11 x 14, acrylic on masonite board


omi x yoskay


just a quick reminder about the event tomorrow at the muky king.
the very first series of omi is coming out and we are having a signing and trading party.
i have painted 9 little omi to contribute this occasion.

here is my design for the series one:

also some pictures of my custom omi. i tried to make them like japanese/chinese porcelain:

for more in for about omi and the event, please visit: