every bit counts.


i just drop off some of my old ap prints at q-pop in little tokyo for their fundraiser show to help out people in japan.
i have been following the news and each day there is a new incident making the situation more difficult and critical for people.
here are the images of the prints that i drop off.
all of them have been sold out before and it's hard to find them at the original price.

'raijin/thor' ap print, 14 x 12, $125
it was originally created for stan lee tribute show.

' screaming for the sunrise' ap print, 12 x 17, $ 150
from my second solo show 'hello and goodbye', 2009

'lost or to be lost' ap print, 12 x 15, $125

'empty howl' ap print, 10 x 8, $100

do you mind if i stay for a while? 10 x 8, $ 100

if you are interested in purchasing them please contact q-pop:


thank you


Johnny said...

thanks for letting us know. I've contacted them to purchase a print to help out too.

yoskay said...

thanks johnny:)

ally said...

i was promised a call right back to purchase a print. i offered my credit card at that moment to secure it, but chris told me he "had to call me back" but assured me he would hold it for me. i even got a confirmation voice mail....
come to find out that they went ahead and put it online and sold it to someone else...shady business practice!!! and he says "there is nothing he can do about it" LAME!

Johnny said...

sorry yoskay. guess i wasn't fast enough. they said they were sold out within the hour. if there's another way to help support japan that you would like, please let me know.



Ka said...

your work is great. love it.