every bit counts 3.


after the disaster cause by the earthquake and tsunami, i have seen a lot of people being very caring, giving and supportive to aid japan, and it gives me hope.

i made a new set of prints with hope to raise funds to help out the people who are affected by this harsh situation in japan.

taiyo: the sun, 6.5 x 6.5, edition of 50, gocco print with spray paint.
(they are all hand printed so every print is slightly different.)
$20 plus shipping and handling, SOLD OUT

100% of proceeds will go to redcross to help japan.

also here is one of the koekshi dolls that i was making for q-pop's fundraiser but i couln't manage to finishi it on time, but now it's all done and available for you pick up.


kokeshi:chub, 6inchi, mixed media and wood,
$125 plus shiiping and handling, 
sold out:)
100% of proceeds will go to redcross to help japan.

more kokeshi coming soon:)


Anonymous said...

Just purchased both however the price for the kokeshi came up as $150 instead of $125. I don't have a problem with that as I think it is well worth it but I hope the $25 difference will also be donated as well. Thank you for all you've done for the people of Japan and giving your fans something in return as well.

yoskay said...

i'm very sorry about that...
i'm new to this paypal transaction.
i will make sure to donate your extra $25 thank you.

Johnny said...

awesome! just purchased one. thanks for everything!

stella im hultberg said...

ugh, so beautiful.
missed out on the sculpture so got the gocco.
beautiful works, yoskay! :)

i hope things will slowly start to get better in japan.
thanks for the beautiful works!
i've gotta now get off my ass and go get some works ready for help as well.

yoskay said...

thanks everyone for picking ups the prints.

it's all sold:)

Squink! said...

Wow, sad I missed the gocco prints! Gorgeous work as ever :)

Kelly said...

I'm so sad to have missed out on your beautiful Gocco print. Such a lovely way to contribute to the people of Japan.

I do hope you will create some more prints in the future? This one is lovely.