every bit counts 2.


first i would like to say thank you to people who picked up ap prints from q-pop in littel tokyo.
we sold all the prints and raised $850 for the red cross to help out the recovery of japan. thank you.

giant robot and japan la are also taking their part in this difficult time.
and i'm glad to be able to contribute my work in both shows.

here are the two sculpture that i made for giant robot show:

asa-tsuyu (morning dew), acrylic on resin sculpture,

yo-tsuyu (night dew) acrylic on resin sculpture

water works at GR2
a benefit for unicef and child victims of the earthquake in Japan

opening reception:
saturday, march 19, 6:30 - 10:00 p.m

2062 sawtelle blvd.
los angeles, ca 90025
(310) 445 - 9276

also i turned in two old work at japan la:

maybe tomorrow, 15 x 22, acrylic on paper, 2010

onemu, 4" and 8", hand-carved wooden sculpture, 2010

pray for japan

opening reception:
saturday, march 19, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

7320 1/2 melrose ave.
los angeles, ca 90046
(323) 934 - 5201


Johnny said...

contacted japanla but was told to send an email so just waiting. hopefully i'll get an opportunity this time. haha.

Toby said...

I saw your sculptures at Giant Robot, they were great!