nice to see you again:)


last week i had a chance to hang out with a good friend of mine.
i have known him for over a decade,and he is one of my very first collector:)

i saw this old piece hanging at his house and had to snap a photo of it.

too much shit, 18 x 24, 2004

and he made me a delicious breakfast. thanks keisuke:)

also here is a little study i did last week:

untitled study, 7 x 7


a boy and a girl

a girl with poneytail, 7 x 7, acrylic on canvas

a boy with orange hair, 7 x 7, acrylic on canvas


obento------ :)


i usually cook for myself most of the meals through out the day, but when i'm lazy i usually go for bento boxes from nijiya or marukai.
they are very economical and generous with the volume.
and every so often i sketch them.

here are the images:

croquette bento 8oz

moriawase bento, $3.97


kula sushi

fried chicken bento

futomaki, 4pcs, $3.49

makunouchi bento


cuddle with me:)


couple years ago i purchased this bear/baby face plush form a toy store by my loft.
i believe it was around valentain's day.
this plush originally came with a different baby face and i had the idea to replace the original face with my own sculpture.
i finally manage to make it happen.

here it is:

cuddle with me, hand carved wood and plush


no. 5 is my new friend:)


i hope everyone enjoyed their chocolates and sweets today.

for me, i was caught off guard by a small unexpected visitor....
you might recognize him from the manga, number five by taiyo matsumoto.
and my little surprise guest didn't seemed to mind my messy studio, so he decided to stay here with the rest of the gang for now....

here is his picture.

thank you:)

also here is a little sketch i did last week;

it's bit difficult to tell you..., 22 x 26, mixed media on paper


mi casa su casa:)


here is a little something that i worked on the last couple days.



untitled, mixed media, 5 x 7


fine art and fine food:)


i hope everyone had a nice weekend.

the last weekend we were blessed with a beautiful weather in los angeles.
and i was lucky enough to take an advantage of this situation and went around town through out the few days.

here are some photos:

from top left, umami cup + spinach borek from armenianbakery in noho, Vanilla Panna Cotta with Espresso Beads at petrossian in west hollywood, year of the rabbit show at gr2, space invader piece by hammer museum, installation: demon hill by julian hoeberat hammer, and new kiki smith book i picked up at hammer museum book store:)

on sunday we went to pasadena flea market for few hours.
i really enjoy stopping by all the different vendors t see what they are selling.
I even found garfield taking a nap on the bench. :)
i ended up picking up couple of vintage tie clips and an old pin of blue bird.

and at the last but no the least. . .

here is a picture of the smallest hand carved sculpture that i made so far..
it was challenging but i had a lot fun making him. :)

i'm not sure where he will end up but looking forward to find him a swell place to sit and rest. . .


happy chinese new year:)


i know it's already the 4th but i did a little painting to celebrate the occasion.

one thing that we still share, 2 x 4, acrylic on wood.



year of the rabbit - luna new year exhibition :)


thanks to michelle from giant robot for inviting me to this group show, " year of the rabbit."
i have been working with wooden sculptures lately and haven't played around with clay much, so the rocess of making this piece was a lot of fun, getting my hands dirty and shaping and molding the clay to make this little bunny.

"i will think of you when the blue moon sleeps..", mixed media

and here is the flyer for the show:

the image is mari-san's piece, so cute

year of the rabbit- luna new year 4709 exhibition

february 5 - march 2, 2011
reception: saturday, february 5, 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.
giant robot2
2062 sawtelle blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445-9276

giant robot is proud to host year of the rabbit, a group art show celebrating the 4709th resetting of the lunar calendar. Pieces will include illustrations, oils, pencils, prints, watercolors, sculpture, and other media–all dedicated to one of the most stubborn, but also most creative (and cute) animals in the chinese zodiac.


byebye january... and welcome feburuary :)


i hope everyone had a nice weekend.

mine weekend was pretty eventful and very inspiring in many ways.

on friday i got to see my good friend colin's band children of nova at good hurt in venice.
i love watching them rock out on the stage and really enjoyed their new songs:)
they will be recording a new album this summer in portland and i get to do their album cover. \(*ω*)/

click here to listen their music.

then on sunday my girlfriend, emi and i went to check out art los angeles contemporary in santa monica.
it was smaller than what i expected but still fun to look all the different galleries and the art. it's always intriguing to see all the different types of work that are considered to be high-art.

her is one of my favorite piece from the event:

by justin bower

also here are couple of studies that i did last week:

untitled study

la sunset