no. 5 is my new friend:)


i hope everyone enjoyed their chocolates and sweets today.

for me, i was caught off guard by a small unexpected visitor....
you might recognize him from the manga, number five by taiyo matsumoto.
and my little surprise guest didn't seemed to mind my messy studio, so he decided to stay here with the rest of the gang for now....

here is his picture.

thank you:)

also here is a little sketch i did last week;

it's bit difficult to tell you..., 22 x 26, mixed media on paper


Melissa said...

I love the sketch!

Sun said...

I've that no.5 manga too, only one though :-\
Mr. Taiyo Matsumoto himself came to your studio? :-O
Anyway, nice drawing, as usual ;-)

stella im hultberg said...

ugh so beautiful!
must be even better in person, looking at the size.

Anonymous said...