fine art and fine food:)


i hope everyone had a nice weekend.

the last weekend we were blessed with a beautiful weather in los angeles.
and i was lucky enough to take an advantage of this situation and went around town through out the few days.

here are some photos:

from top left, umami cup + spinach borek from armenianbakery in noho, Vanilla Panna Cotta with Espresso Beads at petrossian in west hollywood, year of the rabbit show at gr2, space invader piece by hammer museum, installation: demon hill by julian hoeberat hammer, and new kiki smith book i picked up at hammer museum book store:)

on sunday we went to pasadena flea market for few hours.
i really enjoy stopping by all the different vendors t see what they are selling.
I even found garfield taking a nap on the bench. :)
i ended up picking up couple of vintage tie clips and an old pin of blue bird.

and at the last but no the least. . .

here is a picture of the smallest hand carved sculpture that i made so far..
it was challenging but i had a lot fun making him. :)

i'm not sure where he will end up but looking forward to find him a swell place to sit and rest. . .


Sun said...

I love Kiki Smith too! Her personalities and works are interesting. And interesting sculpture too, looking forward to see the finished one. Just curious, is your finger got cut? -_-a

Bovinyl said...

I am envious of being able to enjoy good weather, getting outside and exploring things like flea markets. It's soooooo cold in southern Alberta, Canada ... minus 20 degrees Celsius at the moment. YIKES! I love your small carving ... beautiful! He looks perfect on top of the cube.

Yuta Onoda said...

Wow that's so tiny!! It definitely looks beautiful with the cube! :) Great work yosk!