cuddle with me:)


couple years ago i purchased this bear/baby face plush form a toy store by my loft.
i believe it was around valentain's day.
this plush originally came with a different baby face and i had the idea to replace the original face with my own sculpture.
i finally manage to make it happen.

here it is:

cuddle with me, hand carved wood and plush


Jan said...

I am loving this, loving your take on things, and I encourage you to do the feet, too ... irresistable cuteness.


stella im hultberg said...

so amazing!!!
somehow i never finish sculptures in time for shows.
hopefully this year. you're inspiring me!

Christina Conway said...

wonderful! I love the mix of materials and I also agree that the feet would be icing on top... I am really enjoying all your sculptural pieces just as much as the paintings... great job with the experimenting!

audrey said...


fawn said...

I like the mix of the hard surface wood against the softy fluffy floofyness of the plush and fur~ I want to hug it~

Heidi Alamanda said...
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Heidi Alamanda said...

I saw this on your fb. I love it. Cute and cuddly.