1 more day!!!

i'm sorry for the lack of the updates about the new release....

just one more day until the new koibito to drop: the exclusive edition from lebasse projects.

the new colour way will be released at lebasse projects in culver city.
there will be some goodies that you can pick up at the event, including the new prints (screaming for the sunrise) and postcard set from the solo show " hello and goodbye", the very first lebasse project exhibition catalog, and the brand new koibito.

i will be there from 7-10 pm for signing.

i hope you can make it to the event.

here are few of the sketches that will be in a postcard set as a little surprise:)

more to come....


Anonymous said...


I want that Koibito sketch soo bad! the others are nice as well. crossing my fingers and packing my backpack to get in line tonight for tomorrows release!

-Stevie DV

MARILLA said...