a visit to chinatown

last friday i rode my bike over to chinatown to check out a group show "pop of the colours", which my good friend jason redwood was part of.
i always liked chinatown at night, all the colorful illuminations lighting up the deserted courtyard and old buildings.

the group show was held in a gallery called povevolving gallery.

here is some of the images:

jason and his paining, wild fire:)

close up of his piece, wild fire

his another piece in the show, new pollution

i first met jason in 2004 at shorty's skateboard while i was doing an internship with them through the graphic design program at sbcc.
i feel lucky to have witnessed the changes, and progress of his work over the time.
if you wanna see more of jason's work please visit his site.



LucĂ­a said...

hermosa tu obra! felicitaciones

como haces para subir videos de youtube yo tambien quiero pero no se como...

JShea9 said...

i heard this guy is the next big artists out of hollywood..............

i also think he has some issues to work out......

Jason said...

thanks for posting these yosk!