hunt and gather

thanx to tina ziegler!!!
hunt and gather is the new art book that i am part of.
this is still in the sample stage but so far it looks great.
the book includes works by 44 artists from around the world:
greg simkins, nathan ota, liz mcgrath, romanowski, deseo one,
and my good friend j.shea 9 and tanner goldbeck  and more.

i'm not sure about the release date....
also there will be some promotional events for the book in few cities....
i will post more about it as i find out.


cakes said...


you are so amazing, it would be wonderful to see a book entirely of your work!


Sheryl said...

I agree. Congratulations, Yoskay! I wish I could be in that book too...

yosuke said...



edwinushiro said...

Looks good. Did your colors translate well into print? That's sometimes difficult for printers to do.

beau b said...

nice! i want one...

Tina Ziegler said...

If you like the looks of this book- let me know, shoot me an email
and I will keep you posted with release dates, events and where you can get your copy.

This one is just a sample print. the real version coming soon!!



Thanks Yoskay!! your a star!

Tina Ziegler
Hunt & Gather

Anonymous said...

It looks so class! Congrats!