me favorite spots:)

i moved to down town la about a month ago, and it is becoming one of my favorite neighborhood in la:)
so i wanted to share some of my favorite joints that i enjoy.

one of them is "nijiya market" economic bento boxes and all the japanese goodies are sold here.

my friend tessar in front of nijiya square.

the next spot is  japanese izakaya called "haru-ulala" and it's located on the 2nd st.
good times are always accompanied with tasty food, cheap drinks and excellent service.

soju with oolong tea, and grilled beef tongue.

well that's the spots i go to get my japanese fix  and to collect nostalgic little joys.


Anonymous said...

i actually look good in that picture... but it may be because i'm front of nijiya. nijiya is making me look good.. who knew?>

edwinushiro said...

Do you like Nijiya more than Marukai? Glad you finally have a blog so I can keep track of you when your not in Culver. Sayonara.