back in the bay:)

i am showcasing my new sculptures in the group show "imaginary friends" at gallery 1988 in san francisco.
the show opens november 7th and runs through till 29th.

here are some of the work for the show:

the brightest hour, mixed media, 2008

silent echo, mixed media, 2008

let it fall, mixed media, 2008

everyone but me..., mixed media, 2008

gallery 1988sf
1173 sutter st.
san francisco, ca. 94109


beau b said...

these are so dope. glad to see the range of abilities.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful works Yoskay - will be a great show! - Kimberley

Beau said...

Awesome man, that gallery is literally 30 seconds away from my house, I'll stop by opening night. What time will you be there?

yoskay said...

i don't think i'm going to be there.....

Dyroza said...

Hi Yoskay, I guess I'm a "fan" of your work.

What media do you use for the actual figures? I'm just a curious art student..so far I've only dealt with Fimo, it's good but not for sculpting.