first of all i want to say thanks to all the fans who are sitting in front of a computer all day to purchase the online exclusive release.
i understand 7 items aren't that many and it is a lot of work for you to check the MK site all day.
and i really hope some of the over sea fans are able to purchase some of the goodies.

in the mean time please enjoy some of these awesome photos which were send by koibito lovers:)

by scott

by brian mccarty

by tim

by tim


Anonymous said...

hehe i sit at the MK's site even at work! *shhhh*

can i send you a pic of a Koibito in my hometown too?

thanks for doing this Yoskay!


Anonymous said...

I almost got your first Gocco, but I got a cancellation email from Munky King the day after the order went through. I'll keep trying though. Fail after fail, I'll keep trying. You're just that good of an artist :)

ddokbaro said...

fetusfrier, i know your pain. i was the other person who got the cancellation email. best of luck on the next gocco.

yoskay said...

i'm sorry about that guys.
send me your address to my e-mail.
i will send you a little something to make it up to you.

Anonymous said...

You... are... the...greatest...person...ever!!!! I sent you an email. You're amazing. End of story. My email was featusfryer@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Yoskay!!! I'm not overseas, but I am on the east coast, and I stayed up till 4:00AM trying to spend my last dime on a Gocco the night of the release back in December. That was, of course, unsuccessfull. But today, at around 12:40PM ET, miracle of miracles, I managed to buy the "brown" Under the Full Mooon print! Just wanted to thank you personally, and Give a heads up to the others that somone that frequents your blog (and the currently screwed up Kidrobot board) managed to get an order in. There's hope! And, it happens to be the piece I most moved by when I saw the 4 customs and 3 goccos you so graciously decided to release. I never thought I'd actually be able to buy it though. Thanks again, and Thanks Munky King!!! -Jason B., Baltimore, Maryland.
P.S.--hope to see you on the east coast eventually, Yoskay! If (when!) you make it D.C., Philadelphia, or New York, I'll be there for sure. Thank you thank you thank you!