comic-con 2009, highlights prt 1

this year was my 3rd time at comic convention in san diego, and i had as much fun as the previous 2 visits.
anyway i want to thank all the people who stopped by at munky king booth and hi-fructose booth.

here are some of the pictures from the comic-con weekend:

my bronze koibito standing strong at munky king's booth

patrick showing his stylish but super nerdy sweatshirt.

damon: peekaboo with his new toy

my roommate nate working hard at sketch theater booth.

usugrow's toy.... very cool but it was already sold out...

run into my friend warren with his lady friend, pretty awesome costume.

got to see kaws x hajime sorayama in person, pretty efin awesome...

doraemon and moomin:)


i thought these were kinda funny, a mouse pad with a cushiony boobies as your wrist support...
oh silly japanese people:)

me and sponge bob, 夏鈴、さくらボブがよろしくって。

got invited to a nice dinner with baby tattooville, thanks bob!

BT fed us nice breakfast at 8pm, and it was what i just needed at the time

my friend eliza getting a fresh cup of coffee at baby tattooville dinner.

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Johnny said...

the bronze koibito...super sick in person. i wish i could've gotten one!! saw the one left at munkyking but they said it was yours. hehe..