comic-con 2010 was a blast, another successful year for munky king and myself.
thursday, 'omi unmasked party' was packed and very energetic.
and this trip was a really nice way to be able to spend sometime out side of my studio and get inspired.
i got to see some of my old friends and make some new ones:)

here are couple pictures from the trip:

after the mk party:)

mr flores in action!

working hard or working smart?

also here are couple links for the recap:

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Catherine J. Cruz said...

yosk! how are you man?! saw you're next vinyl toy at the store before they left for the con...i can't wait to have it at my house! :) including the omi's!!!! been working with the crew again, holding down the fort in L.A. while they were gone. hope to see you again sometime!

'til then, take care!! -cat :)