work in progress

it has been about a month since, i started to paint on a paper. i wanted to try something new and exciting to keep myself interested in my own work. i get bored easily and i found it was a perfect time to switch the tempo and also to learn something new from it. i have done couple paintings on a paper before but i wasn't very happy with the result. this time i'm trying to keep the soft quality of the paper and learn to paint more sensitively than i usually do. the beginning was a bit difficult to get hang of everything, but like everything else, im slowly learning by just trying different approach, and making mistakes.

here is a detail shot of one of the piece;

im planing to have around 6 new paintings for a two person show next month.
i will be showcasing my work with my friend, edwin ushiro at roq la roo gallery in seattle.

i will post more detail as the date reaches.

thanks for stopping by and i hope all of you are having a pleasant summer.


K.S said...

I'm never full of your drawings ^^ . you are amazing

kaseyann said...
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Anisca said...

Especially because you are experiencing something new, I can't wait to see your paintings! I already know that I will be completely charmed by them!