hello novmeber:)

sorry for the lack of update.

i have been quite busy, working on few exciting projects this past month.

i will post some more information and images as the projects reaches near to the end.
but in the mean time please enjoy some of the sketches/photos i have captured in a past month or two.

a close up shot of my installation at portsmouth museum, nh.

a breath taking view from a coast of maine.

i really enjoy the architecture of north east:)

'scarlet', color pencil and ink, 2010

'untitled study' mixed media, 2010

just watched 'buffalo 66' by vincent gallo, and he is my new hero.

a sketch from my neighborhood. downtown, la

a sketch from my neighborhood, pershing square, downtown la.

piece of knowledge from nara note, 05/09/2000

untitled sketch, graphite on paper, 2010


sara said...

love the scarlet!!!

Sherlock said...

Nice stuff Yosk! Buffalo 66 rules..."we're spanning time"