today i decided to take an advantage of free admission day at moca by my loft.
i'm trying to make a habit of visiting more museums and galleries this year...

in this exhibition suprasensorial, almost all of the work in the show required the audience to inter act with the space the artists have created, and i was really intriguing to physically step into somebody's work.

here are some photos:

struttura al neon per la IX triennale di by lucio fontana

you can actually walk through this, penétrable bbl bleu by jesús rafael soto

this was my favorite, cromosaturación by carlos cruz-Diez

also here's couple of studies i did this month:

color study: skull with red eye

color study: peco

1 comment:

amy said...

love the colors of your skull a lot!!!
was staring at it for a while...

can't wait to see more of your works yoskay! :)