hello again:)

it's been easily over a year since the last post.
ever since i joined instagram i havn't been much active on this platform....
not sure if anyone will read these entries anymore but i miss sitting down and processing my thoughts in writing so i thought i would give another try at this...

so let's start with some of the highlights from the last year:)

the year 2014 was one of the busiest year, consisting of two solo exhibitions, multiple group shows, my very first residency and many collaborative projects.

on this post i would like to focus on my first solo exhibition with giant robot gallery in los angeles which took a place in may 16th to june 4th.

i have a lot of respect and admiration for giant robot and the owner, eric nakamura. even though the history of the establishment has reached 20 years, it still operates the outside of los angeles gallery circe. the space always welcomes you with open arms and warm heart while keeping the underdog spirits in high gear. gr is such a gem to la art community and to all genre of artists, local and international, enabling us to share our work with full support. so naturally i was very happy and proud to be able to showcase my work in such an establishment with its unique history and legacy:)

here are some images from the exhibition "house of daydreamers."

installation and set up

detail of the installation

detail shot of window installation

my series "house of daydreamers 1-20"

"drinking stars" mixed media on paper, 22x30

"home sweet home"mixed media on paper, 22x30

"house of daydreamers 04" mixed media on paper, 9x12

"house of daydreamers 18" mixed media on paper, 9x12

with this show "house of daydreamers," i focused on creating a body of work that captured the state between the dream and the reality. dream always fascinate me and i wanted to explore and see what i was able to discover within.
a lot of the work was created on paper because i'm quite fond of the soft quality that i can achieve with the medium.
prior to this exhibition i wasn't painting much, from 2012-2013 a lot of my work was centered around sculpting and installations.
i remember it was refreshing to mix and push paints around with a brush and i felt like i rediscovered the joy in the process of painting. this particular series really help me to grow as a better painter.
overall i was and i still am really happy with most of the pieces from this body of work and this exhibition was first time which i was able to take over a physical space and turn into my own world compare to just hanging my work in a white space. big thanks to eric nakamura for giving me a chance and to my family and friends for supporting my art and myself.

caro from hi-fructose magazine did a great coverage, please click on the link to see the opening night photos:)

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