yoskay x sunny side up studio


so happy to announce about my latest project "pothead" to you all:)

this is the most personal project of mine in my artistic career thus far and it has been a long but a fun journey, and i could not have done it without my partner in crime, emi uchiki and all of my supporters and fans.
the prototype for "pothead" was sculptured by me and production is done by mudshark ceramic studio in portland oregon. since all 4 of the toy figure that i designed before have been made over seas, i wanted to make sure that we found a domestic fabricator/manufacture for this project.
we hope that our "pothead" can brighten up your everyday life and put a smile on your face:)
and without further adieu, here is my babies:)

they are available through sunny side up studio's website.
please click the link below to purchase:)


have a sunny side up day!

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