stumptown part 2

more pictures from the portland trip:)

i stopped by at compound and found this figure of kuro from tekkonkinkreet.

they had a lot of toys from ghibli, and this was my favorite.

visited my friend, blaine fontana's studio in nw portland.

some of the new sculptures he is working on.

stopped by together gallery to check out my friend j shea's new work.
here is the one that i really liked.

i also really liked this blaine's sculpture.

this is one of my favorite store in portland, grass hut

their awesome toys.

marco zamora had a really nice show at upper playground

and his installation

the main event of the trip, scion installation tour 5!

joe shea and edwin ushiro's work

tessar lo and usgrow

most importantly i got to see some of my favorite people:)

keiko and joe:)

it was nice to catch up and make some new friends.


JAHook photo said...

man, that blaine fontana sculpture on the wall is so killer!!

i gotta make it up to portland one day so I can get to Grass Hut too... love bwana.

aloha~ johnny

Home Loans said...

Wow very nice paintings. These pics are looking very beautiful. For me these are the master pieces.