stumptown part 1

2 weeks ago i had a chance to visit one of my favorite city in the states, portland as part of the scion installation tour.
it was really nice to take a break and be out side of my studio.

here are some of the pics from the trip.

thanks to scion for hooking me up with the flight:)

first stop: at my friend keiko and joe's, fine gind cafe in south east portland 39th ave and lincoln.

i had their toddy iced coffee and their turkey sandwich with homemade hummus:)

also found a print by my friend tanner goldbeck.

i got to say hello to my favorite cat lyric.

sneak peak of joe shea's new work.

portland has some of the best beer.

love this city

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JAHook photo said...

wow! Yoskay, you take killer pictures!

Johnny 5