osamu tezuka x yoskay yamamoto...?

i'm very excited to be able to share this project with everyone.

i have been working on series customizing vinyl toy of popular iconic characters.

and one of the project was astro boy, the one of the very first japanese animation created by the godfather of manga, tezuka osamu.

here is a process shots of this long journey:

i sculpted and yoskafied the astroboy vinyl that i found on ebay.

the i had them casted into resin by people at pretty in plastic.

they also hlped me make these metal version.

and the final piece, 'do you remember me?' gloss black, edition of 100

'do you remember me?' metal, edition of 10

also i did an interview with shane from studious bison.
to read the interview please visit their site, http://www.studiousbison.com/


stella im hultberg said...

wow that's so smart to sculpt a vintage figure! great process...
i love them, they turned out so beautifully.
although i was too young when it was on tv, you know atomu is such a classic icon.
now i'm playing the theme song in my head!

JAHook photo said...

oh my God. they look so awesome. i actually like the black edition better.

C. said...

Simply beautiful, I love your works.

Anonymous said...

Where can we buy these? Price?

Anonymous said...

Tezuka is a legend, sculptures look awesome.

Pretty In Plastic! said...
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Pretty In Plastic! said...


oops...deleted comment by accident...

Everything looked great Sat. night. It's been a pleasure working with you. Beautiful pieces :)

-Julie B. Pretty In Plastic.