roq la rue: recap


i know it's bit late but wanted to thank everyone who came to the roq la rue show to support us.
i know some of you drove from other states to see the work and to say hello.
your commitment and kindness means a lot to me.

here are few images from the roq la roo show;

view from my hotel room in downtown seattle:)
thanks kristen!

my wooden babies:)

'do you stil remember me?', resin art multiples, edition of 25

detail of my installation 'do you stil remember me?'

edwin and andrew in a discussion

to see the full preview please go to


Catherine J. Cruz said...

hey yosk, how are ya?! i'll be in seattle this coming week! i was wondering if your show will still be up at roq la rue?! my sis and i are 0.7 miles away from our hotel to the gallery! hope it'll still be there!

take care!!

MGLDyson said...

Was totally pissed because I thought I missed your show... then I went down to Roq and was stoked your stuff was still up.