back to stumptown:)

after our show at roq la rue gallery in seattle i took sometime off to spend few days in one of my favorite city on the west coast, portland. i fell in love with the city the first time i had a chance to visit. the moodiness of the weather and accessibility of the city reminded me of san francisco in many ways.
plus the cleanness and the charm of the city which is accented by their amazing local food and beers...
portland is truly magical in many ways....

i'm glad i got to visit such a beautiful city once again.

i hope you will enjoy some of these pictures;

lyrik cafe always welcomes me with open arms with their delicious sandwiches:)

lyrik cafe owner/founder, keiko is preparing me some nice cozy coffee drink:)

their spicy mocha latte is to die for!

got to do some positive vandalism on their table:)

took a bike to ride to cruse around downtown pdx and had a chance to see my friend ogi's solo show at compound gallery.

installation by ogi

found tessar lo in part of ogi' install

also j. shea 9 found in the install

last not but least mr. 9 providing me with some of his knowledge in his se studio.

over all very inspiring trip:)


Jan said...

sounds good...

Jabari said...

amazing. i need to go here

mr. mills said...

j.shea does look like some sort of yogi, buddah or higher power in that photo. he always inspires...