hello october:)

hello friends,

i hope everyone is settling nicely into the new season.
i can not believe the october is already here. it's been raining for few days in la, and i'm enjoying stepping outside into the rainy atmosphere. the air is fresher and night sky seems a lot more clear.

there are few exciting events taking a place this month and wanted to share with everyone.

first, my good friend audrey kawasaki is having her solo exhibition at outre gallery in australia.

for more info visit aurey's blog

also tomorrow night on the 7th, my friend nimit malavia is having a show at compound gallery in portland. also my friend martin hsu ill be exhibiting his work in the same space.

and the last but not the least, i got featured in the latest juxtapoz magazine.
this issue includes an interview from koffie, evah fan and more.

check it out if you find them in the store near you.


cins said...

i bought that issue! awesome feature :)

audrey said...

i saw the juxtapoz page too!

thanks for linking my show.


Nimit Malavia said...

Thanks for the love yoko-chan :)
Hope you're doing well

Heidi Alamanda said...

Yayy...congrats again Yoskay:) Nice feature. I hope you're doing well

mr. mills said...

yoskay... congrats on the juxtapoz thang! you earned it... you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yosk,