making it rain:)

i spent the last two days at lebasse projects to set up my new installation, "tell me a story. . ."
this is by far the largest installation tat i have put together and i am very pleased with the out come:)

now i would like to work on something even bigger.

anyways here are some images:

there are about 100 pieces of rain drops in total

also the part of the show, untitled faces edition of 10

for more information about the show, please visit

also check out the great coverage of myself setting up the installation from:

daily dujour
vinyl pulse


Anonymous said...

wish I could attend. :]

gregory said...

Looks great, Yoskay.

cins said...

it was amazing...

sun. said...

the installation seems very nice and nostalgic somehow, wish i could experience it too :(

congratulations Yoskay!

Anonymous said...

If you want to do something bigger come to my house :)