my favorite canadian artists:)

my friend tessar lo and nimit malavia are having a solo show at show & tell gallery in toronto canada this friday.

i had a chance to share a studio space with tessar for about a year and it's been a pleasure to see his work evolve significantly in such a short period of time. i really love how he is focusing on the mood of the paintings rather than the details.

i also had chance to share the same studio with nimit during summer 08 and i am amazed of his growth in skill and details.
they are both truly talented artists, please stop by to see the show if you are near tronto.

here are some images of their works:

tessar lo, "friendship"

tessar lo, "a perfect magic"

nimit malavia, "till i can't anymore"

and link to their preview

tessar lo
nimit malavia

show & tell gallery
1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3

+ 647.347.3316



Heidi Alamanda said...

always love Tessar's colors in his paintings. Nimit's latest work is awesome.
How are you doing, Yoskay?

Anonymous said...

I love the elephants.